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Autore Per favore se potete tradurre o anche sunteggiare ,Grazie

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David Warwick, DDS - Hanna Dental Clinic, Hanna, Alberta, Canada

Todd Ovokaitys, MD - Gematria Products, Inc., Carlsbad, California

Mary Kennedy, MA - Gematria Products, Inc., Carlsbad, California

The objective of this study was to monitor the effectiveness of a dietary supplement as a detoxifying agent for heavy metals in the body. The primary investigator offers a program supporting heavy metal detoxification as part of his practice. Patients interested in detoxifying heavy metals from their system were encouraged to have a baseline analysis of excretion of fecal metals that provided important information about the toxic metal burden in their bodies before beginning supplementation (a pre-treatment, post-treatment design).

In this study, heavy metal excretion was analyzed for 14 patients by an independent analytical laboratory in the Midwestern U.S. These metals included: mercury, antimony, arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, thallium, and tungsten. After baseline levels were measured, patients took a dietary supplement containing an photoacoustically enhanced form of betaine (trimethylglycine) that was naturally derived from beets, combined with additional amino acids, vitamins and mineral cofactors. Within 7 days after beginning this nutritional supplement, 9 of the patients submitted a post-test sample for analytical analysis. The remaining patients’ post-treatment analyses ranged from 22 to 150 days later. During this post-treatment period, they continued taking the dietary supplement.

All patients (100%) had increased excretion of mercury and tungsten on their first measurement after beginning supplementation when compared to their baseline measurement. Patients had up to a 97-fold increase in the excretion of tungsten and up to a 550-fold increase in the amount of mercury excreted. Lead and nickel excretion increased in 79% of patients, thallium excretion increased in 64% of those studied, followed by 57% with increased excretion of antimony, and 50% of patients with increased excretion of arsenic and cadmium after their first post-treatment measurement. All patients had increased excretion of two or more heavy metals following supplementation.

This study supports the use of a natural dietary supplement to increase the detoxification of heavy metals in the body. More invasive chelation techniques for heavy metal removal are available but may not be as well tolerated or as affordable for patients. With the recent government warnings about heavy metals in our food supply, along with the continued presence of mercury in dental work people interested in health maintenance and preventative medicine can easily monitor the burden and detoxification of heavy metals in their bodies with the above methods.

Although clinically significant patterns were noticed in heavy metal excretion, individual results varied. This researcher has used several different supplement formulations with little result. Therefore, the laboratory analyses are helpful in both monitoring and determining whether a particular supplement is effective for an individual regarding detoxification.

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